student accommodation, leamington spa

Kenilworth Road, Leamington Spa:
A new student housing development on the eastern side of Kenilworth Road, Leamington Spa, replacing an existing HMO student scheme within the historical building to the front of the site and its large outrigger to the rear. The scheme proposes 33 modern self-contained student apartments with its own kitchen and small living space, communal areas on each level of the building, with a larger community space in the new basement, a sunken garden and a link to the two-storey apartment structure to the rear of the site. A well-designed landscaping concept pedestrianises the existing drive to the rear building, establishes a footpath and ample cycling storage with a few off-site parking spaces to the front. This concept is tailored to a high-end market of wealthy students; with concierge service, laundry service, cleaning and shopping facilities offered as part of the rental package.

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