the green, twickenham

this project was commissioned by clients who wanted to keep the imposing georgian double-fronted façade and traditional layout upstairs, whilst dramatically changing the rear of the house which was a dark and uninviting 1970s extension.  they requested striking, light-flooded, contemporary design with privacy from overlooking neighbours.

the re-design features full-height sliding aluminium doors which can be pushed back reveal a fully openable corner with overhanging flat roof. a sliding timber panel offers privacy from the neighbours, as well as adding a modern design feature to the rear exterior of the building.

the formerly small kitchen now houses a generous utility room backing onto the new open plan kitchen area and bar. a large, unusable internal patio has been reduced to open up a zen-like internal courtyard next to the dining area and kitchen. a new all-glass link connects the new extension and ‘old’ lounge area, creating a more fluid and usable space.

this project has recently been filmed for the channel 4 television programme ‘what the neighbours did’ and has been featured on the cover of the magazine kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms

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